I have chosen the film 42 for this blog post. This film is a biographical sports film that is depicting the story of Jackie Robinson the first African American to join the major baseball league. This story covers the journey that he was on, one that is of persevering , endurance, struggle, pain and so much more. The first actor that I chose to categorize in actor types is Chadwick Boseman who plays Jackie Robinson. Chadwick would be what the textbook calls impersonator. Due to the fact that this film is a bio film the major actor has to impersonate the characteristics and mannerisms of another person. This is exactly was Boseman does in this film he is acting out a specific persons’ actual life and events, in which I can categorize him as an impersonating actor. The second actor is Harrison Ford who plays Branch Rickey the Dodgers general manager who is one the few men who gave Robinson a true chance at the baseball career. Harrison Ford in this film is a character actor. Harrison Ford is what most people would call a star and he is easy to recognize. The reason why I chose this actor type for Harrison is because this film called for a specific type of personality. He , although a very well known actor he was able to get into character  and portray that a completely different person without having to be the star actor. The last actor is an actress who plays Rachael Robinson, Jackie Robinsons’ wife. The actress is Nicole Beharie who also is known in film. I would categorize her as an interpreter actor. She has to play an actual person and there story but she was able to have more room to put a bit of her spin on it.  As I read on this actress something that stood out to me was the strong spirited essence that she has through the film, which she wanted to capture due to time spent with Jackie Robinsons’ real wife.

My actor to focus on is Harrison Ford. Harrison has a wide range of films that he has been in from, The Fugitive, Blade Runner, Patriot Games, and many other films. Looking at the previous films that Harrison has been in  I can immediately see a pattern which is definitely character acting type. Most of his films involve him playing a made up character rather than portraying an actual person or better known as interpreter. All movies mentioned above along with other films which have the similar actor style led me to categorize him  as such. I’m not sure what this may mean  for the category but  as for the actor it may be that  he may feel more comfortable with playing roles that are in character type. In this interview, Harrison gives support to my claim and he speaks about character acting and type and what he was used to playing in most of his other films.  http://youtu.be/284p-qhCXvg.

Son of God

In pretty much every movie we are able to find three specific sound categories which are; dialogue ,sound effects, and music. As many may know dialogue is basically the conversation or usage of words that are used within the film. Sound effects is the usage of different types of sounds, whether it be explosive , robotic, or anything else that enhances the action in the films. Lastly is music , which in my opinion is pretty self explanatory. Basically  the use of music is typically used to serve as another tool for film enhancement. In my chosen film there is very specific usage of these three basic sounds and I believe that this is due to the content and era that this film is suppose to present. Due to the fact that this film id depicting an era that was about 2,000 years ago the dialogue is somewhat different , mainly what was said. Again this film is directly representing and depicting an actual person therefore the words used were very impactful. As sound effects go I did not notice any sounds effects and it may due to the fact that it could not add any action packed sounds because of the story of the film. Lastly would be music, the music in this film was mainly coming from instrumentals that created either a very dramatic scene or it emphasized the sadness of those specific scenes.

In the scene above we hear this music sound which sounds very much like a piano and we see that this sound helps to intensify his believe that God can feed all these people before him. This film was categorized in the drama genre and the music definitely informs us of this . Much of the music used throughout this film is very dramatic instrumentals and music tones. I would say that the usage of the sounds in this film are more dramatic or exaggerated and this again was the goal of this film as it depicts the most amazing acts done in all history. If other sounds would have been used in this film other than the more dramatic sounds than it would have taken away from the impact of this film and from the categorization of the film itself.

Love Don’t Cost A Thing.

For the most part this film used high-key lighting as described in the textbook, “This type of lighting is typical of comedies, happy scenes,institutional and office scenes and the like”(GoodyKoontz & Jacobs,2014). This type of lighting goes perfect with the concept or theme of the movie as it is more of an upbeat type of movie. This movie is a romantic comedy therefore this type of lighting adds to the overall mood and theme by creating a bright and cheerful scene. With the exception of a few night scenes and a few sad scenes the high key- lighting was used for the majority of the film. I would say that the benefits of this type of lighting is that it helps the cinematographer and/or movie director express more clearly the feeling or expression given in the particular scene. Part of the description given in the textbook regarding high-key lighting is that it is often used in comedy and institutional scenes. This movie is a comedy film and most of the scenes are filmed in a high-school therefore this technique contributes and fits perfectly with a bright and happy setting. The genre of this film is a romantic comedy ,often times we see that the lighting of such films is bright. It is no surprise that my chosen film also used this lighting as it suited the genre of the film mainly because of the comedic and plain story . If this movie had used any other lighting for the majority of the film I believe it would have taken away from the light and comedic dialogue between the actors. If dim or dark lighting had been used than it would have interfered with in my opinion with the whole theme and mood of the film. Lighting is part of the overall look of a scene and when a scene and lighting don’t go hand in hand than it can often times take away from the impact that that particular scene was meant to deliver.

  • Goodykoontz, B., & Jacobs, C. P. (2014). Film: From watching to seeing (2nd ed.). San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc. This text is a Constellation™ course digital materials (CDM) title


Tittle: Admission

Writers: Karen Croner and Jean Hanff Korelitz

 Director: Paul Weitz

Year: 2013

Actors: Tina Fey , Paul Rudd, and Nat Wolff

Story–  In this film the story is about a women named Porsha (Tina Fey) who is a Princeton University Admissions Officer who is very dedicated to her line of work. As she goes about doing her duties for her job she ends up going to a certain  high school to scout out some potential Princeton attendees. This is  where the story begins to unfold as she meets the  overseer of the school whose name is  John Pressman (Paul Rudd). They end up having an awkward moment which set the tone for a romance to develop between John and Porsha. She is than later told that the one of the students in the high school is her son, Jeremiah Balakian (Nat Wolff) who she had given up for adoption at his birth.

 Plot: In the beginning of the movie we see a very dull, driven, and meticulous type of woman who is Porsha, the Admissions Officer at Princeton. We see the plot developing as she encounters John and Jeremiah. After she is told that she is the birth mother of Jeremiah and she is given a birth certificate , she then becomes convince that she is in fact his birth mother. Jeremiah decides that he wants to attend Princeton so Porsha begins to notice his drive and his hidden intelligence.  As she gets to know him more she begins to feel compelled and driven to do what she can to help him get into Princeton. Both John and Porsha develop a romantic relationship as they work together to help Jeremiah as they are both convinced that it is her child. In this film we see her change who she was just from being around John and Jeremiah. The main focus of this movie was the motivation and acts that Porsha took to try and get Jeremiah into Princeton.

Chronological Order- This film was done in the order of the events it definitely followed the common story developments. The choice for this film fit the plot developments of the film because there was nothing to bounce back in for with as far as the story goes. This help it be a much more smoother run through. To me it just simply makes more sense to use this type of event order. This type of order also helped the developments of the characters and the impact of their emotional states. If this film had a different presentation style it would have been a much more confusing and complicated story. In my opinion this  story and plot need to be in chronological order in order for the characters to properly showcase each of their roles.